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INDOCHINA MARKET INSIGHTS provide effective services and solutions to companies wishing to invest or who are already operating in Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. We work on behalf of your company, providing vital guidance so you can enter the market with confidence and prosper in this region - the Indochina markets.

We have been established for over 20 years, working also with a productive network of associates and partners.

Local nationals are vital in any region to fast track your success and for continual company growth. Here you will find an introduction to how we can help you to become established and prosper.

The Indochina markets are a thriving economic region in South East Asia, experiencing rapid growth. Economic development is accelerating in these countries as they open up to the world.

The region has a rich history. Each of the markets are different in terms of economic development. The entire area offers foreign businesses long term opportunities and in many cases, a once in a lifetime opportunity, now, because the national economies and laws are changing fast. This has already stimulated substantial foreign investment.

We focus on Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. The homes and businesses to some 600 million people. Furthermore, the region borders countries with a population of 3 billion, including China and India. It has a young and dynamic population with huge long term potential.

Over the years, there have been growing opportunities and also challenges. Now via the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)* and an open market economy, more opportunities have arisen. Local, regional and international businesses can, indeed must, step up to meet increased competition and also the demands from consumers and communities. This is an opportunity with enormous potential.

*This is a summary of the declaration from the ground breaking agreement of the AEC, when countries confirmed they were:

“DETERMINED to achieve higher levels of economic dynamism, sustained prosperity, inclusive growth and integrated development of ASEAN, stressing the importance of accelerating the ASEAN Economic Community

RECOGNISING that different levels of development within ASEAN require some flexibility as ASEAN moves towards a more integrated and interdependent future

REAFFIRMING our collective commitment, made at the 12th ASEAN Summit in Cebu, the Philippines, on 13 January 2007, to accelerate the establishment of the ASEAN Community

COGNISANT of the need to have a strengthened institutional framework and a unified legal identity as set forth in the ASEAN Charter by putting in place rules-based systems to realise the establishment of the AEC by 2015”.


We help you understand the Indochina commercial landscape. When you start, this can be very complex. We validate and identify opportunities and prepare strategies for you, so you can enter and grow profitably in these developing markets. Our experience and network has deep roots in these emerging markets. We listen to your aims, document your services and proposals, research and gather key data in the region and report back to you. This can include detail on - potential customers, suppliers, intermediaries and business leaders. We aim to provide you with detailed analysed information so you can harness this detail and develop actionable insights and sound business strategies.

Our Philosophy

We use our knowledge and network to add value to any foreign and local company seeking to build on the opportunities that exist in this exciting and promising region. We can help foreign and regional businesses understand the many market forces in Indochina and build a sustainable market entry and expansion plan. We focus on SMEs, which we believe are the cornerstone of long term growth and innovation in this region.

Our Misssion

Our mission is to build a reputation among regional and foreign businesses as the most reliable and knowledgeable organization to help Market Entry Strategy, Organizational and Brand development using a mix of Traditional Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Our Values

We help businesses which are committed on important CSR issues to find and work with responsible local partners in the region. Businesses which meet high standards and can add technology, human resource capabilities, training and market and consumer insights and deliver above average long term benefits, both for the business and the general communities. Our focus is on adding value creating a better business community and a better quality of life in the region.

Our Future

We are supremely confident in the future of this region, which offers unique long term business opportunities, with value and potential - if understood and approached in the right way.

About the founder

The principal, Mikael Knudsen, has 35 years of International business experience working in developing countries, including 20 years in Indochina markets with International companies.

He has lived and worked in Vietnam and Myanmar since 1994. He graduated with a Masters Degree from CBS and a MBA from SFSU.

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