35 years of International business - Market Insights Indochina

 We provide a marketing consultancy so you obtain better results in the Indochina markets. We provide market research and strategy recommendations to our clients to grow their businesses rapidly. We help clients understand the regional economic landscape. Further services include consumer and competitor profiling, customer segmentation, business site selection and evaluation of investment partners.

Our Indochina experience focuses on identifying what the markets and consumer needs most in the different business segments, providing you with the data, insights and business roadmaps that are so important to grasp before you enter these markets.

Indochina: Market Entry Advice

We help you understand the region’s needs and demands, before you start operating and enter the market.

We collect market information for you. We are your local, on site, resource to provide recommendations based on our expert analysis. In this way, you have market understanding and information relevant to your current or new company activity before you start.

We help clients understand the Indochina market landscapes, identify opportunities and prepare the best strategies to fast-track entry and grow in these rapidly developing markets. We work with a network of organisations and individuals with deep regional experience.

Customized Indochina market research

Naturally, companies have different needs and capabilities. We start our market research with the philosophy that all our clients require a customised solution, a bespoke guide. We carefully craft a unique Indochina market approach for each company. We address the current market status and forecasts for each product or service proposed, by country as well providing a broader perspective across the region.

For Indochina commercial insights, market intelligence and market data we use reliable market research data insights such as IMF, World Bank, EIU, local government data and local intelligence from the local business community, market segments, industry insights and business networks. The core of our market research comes from our own local knowledge and research in specific areas tailored to each client.

We are here to help clients grow business in the Indochina markets, minimise risks and find an optimal strategic position in these exciting new markets, so you can:

  •     Enter the Indochina Markets
  •     Identify Partners in Indochina
  •     Benefit from Indochina business opportunities
  •     Grow Market Share in Indochina


    We work with a network of companies and individuals in each region, who provide bespoke services to our clients including:

  •    Market Research
  •    Legal advice and Corporate Governance
  •    Best practise and legal procedures when liaising with national governments
  •    Human Resources, Recruitment and Training
  •    Marketing
  •    Brand development
  •    Networking
  •    Local Resources guide - Where to Go

About the founder

The principal, Mikael Knudsen, has 35 years of International business experience working in developing countries, including 20 years in Indochina markets with International companies.

He has lived and worked in Vietnam and Myanmar since 1994. He graduated with a Masters Degree from CBS and a MBA from SFSU.

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